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ASP.NET Classes
ASP.NET Classes in Pune

ASP.NET Classes In Pune

ASP.NET is a free web framework for building great websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also create Web APIs and use real-time technologies like Web Sockets. ASP.NET Core is an alternative to ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an open-source web framework for building web apps on the .NET (dotNET) framework. It is created by Microsoft and version 1.0 was released in 2002 to allow developers to build dynamic web apps, services, and sites. The framework is built to work with the standard HTTP protocol, which is the standard protocol used across all web applications.

ASP.NET is the successor to the ASP (Active Server Pages) technology and was a significant upgrade in terms of flexibility and power. It is an extension of the .NET platform with additional tools and libraries specifically for building things on the web, including web apps and websites.

The latest version of ASP.NET is the cross-platform version that was initially called ASP.NET Core, which was released in 2016. In November 2020, Microsoft simplified the name and removed “Core” from the name. This means that new releases will simply be called .NET followed by a version number. A new version is released in November every year, meaning that .NET 5 was released in 2020, .NET 6 in 2021, and so forth.

ASP.NET is still supported and updated, but moving forward the focus for Microsoft is to develop the new cross-platform version.

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ASP.NET Complete course.

Introduction To ASP.NET

  1. What is Scripting
  2. Client & Server Side Scripting.
  3. Scripting Languages Introduction
  4. What is ASP?
  5. What is ASP+?
  6. What is
  7. ASP.NET Features.

Application Creation

  1. Creating Web Site
  2. What is Web Form
  3. Standard Controls Introduction
  4. Hyperlink, Button web Server Controls

Standard Controls

  1. Label
  2. Literal
  3. TextBox
  4. Calendar
  5. Dropdown List
  6. Listbox
  7. Checkbox List
  8. RadioButtonList
  9. Bulleted List
  10. View and MultiView control
  11. Adrotator Control
  12. Image and ImageMap Control
  13. FileUpload control
  14. Panel control
  15. Placeholder control

Validation Control

  1. Validating Form with Validation
  2. Controls of
  3. Using RequiredFieldvalidator control
  4. Using CompareValidator Control Using
  5. RangeValidator Control
  6. Using CustomValidator control
  7. Create Server-side / Client-side
  8. functions for – CustomValidator Control

Web User Control

  1. Web Custom Control
  2. Intrinsic objects
  3. Data Controls
  4. View Controls
  5. Internationalization
  6. Skins and Themes
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