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Struts Classes
Struts Classes in Pune

Struts Classes In Pune

Struts is the most demanded and widely used standard markup language for creating and visually representing a webpage and webbased applications.

What is Struts

Struts is used to create a web applications based on servlet and JSP. Struts depend on the MVC (Model View Controller) framework. Struts application is a genuine web application. Struts are thoroughly useful in building J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) applications because struts takes advantage of J2EE design patterns. Struts follows these J2EE design patterns including MVC.

In struts, the composite view manages the layout of its sub-views and can implement a template, making persistent look and feel easier to achieve and customize across the entire application. A composite view is made up by using other reusable sub views such that a small change happens in a sub-view is automatically updated in every composite view.

Struts consists of a set of own custom tag libraries. Struts are based on MVC framework which is pattern oriented and includes JSP custom tag libraries. Struts also supports utility classes.

Features of Struts
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Struts Advanced Complete course.

Struts Basic

  1. Struts2 – Basic MVC Architecture
  2. Struts2 – Overview
  3. Struts2 – Environment Setup
  4. Struts2 – Architecture
  5. Struts2 – Examples
  6. Struts2 – Configuration
  7. Struts2 – Actions
  8. Struts2 – Interceptors
  9. Struts2 – Result Types
  10. Struts2 – Value Stack/OGNL
  11. Struts2 – File Uploads
  12. Struts2 – Database Access
  13. Struts2 – Sending Email
  14. Struts2 – Validations
  15. Struts2 – Localization
  16. Struts2 – Type Conversion
  17. Struts2 – Themes/Templates
  18. Struts2 – Exception Handling
  19. Struts2 – Annotation

Tags And Integration

  1. Struts2 – Control Tags
  2. Struts2 – Data Tags
  3. Struts2 – Form Tags
  4. Struts2 – Ajax Tags
  5. Struts2 – Spring
  6. Struts2 – Tiles
  7. Struts2 – Hibernate
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